Celebrating our school's continuing progress:

We share learning field trips, classroom or school activities, and highlight staff members, parents, and helpers

 Super Lunch Hero Day  at the Jackson | Mann School - 2016  Thank you to our Food Service Team of Paula and her assistants, Lida and Mo Lan, for making every day at the Jackson Mann a good breakfast and lunch day! We build our school together. Everyone matters and contributes. This teamwork is another example of what makes the J | M an amazing school! Everyone belongs.

At West End House, students develop their talents in music, athletics, health, teamwork, art, and technology.

We're creating a caring school every day.

At the Jackson 
| Mann, we are establishing a caring community-a village where we all work together to support your children and you. Read this short story. It's how we all work to support each child!

It Takes A Village
Our student, Joud, just got her lock Friday. She needed some help this morning and custodian Dave Harrington was there with a helping hand! Thanks to Kelly Lewis for sharing this photo and story. I think this is an example of the strength of WE and our community of learning and caring.

We Learn at Boston University, too!

                                  Do you know that some of our students learn engineering at BU?  
           Watch this interview with students, teachers, and Mr. Tuite.

We learn in many ways.
On Monday, June 8th, just before the end of the 2015 school year, the Jackson | Mann K-8 School took part in the Math Rocks competition at the Boston Teachers Union. The competition included teams from 35 Boston Public Schools. Our teams captured first place in the team competitions for both elementary and middle levels! Our students also placed first individually at Grade 5 - Alex Chou, Grade 6 - tie between Isabella Massarelli and Daniel Kwong, and a second place finish in Grade 8 for Arslan Ayaz. Fabulous work by the J-M's teams! Thanks to Ms. Lewis and Ms. Joyce for coordinating this event at the school level.
April 30, 2015 - Boston Education Partners - A ceremony recognizing our school.
 Important recognition of our school's progress...
 Thursday evening,
April 30, 2015, the Jackson | Mann School was recognized ac
ross Boston for the school's commitment to and actions in partnering with many agencies that support students. This is a major award and recognizes how our school constantly improves!
October 21, 2014 | Community Rowing - Jackson | Mann Grade 8 students work as teams!