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 Sharing Students' Talents | ...examples of our Fourth Grade's writers and thinkers. 
 Our school is...A School of Writers - Featuring Fourth Grade 
 Writing Matters...we write and think and write some more. We are a school growing young writers every day.
 Grade One | Ms. Albano 
Grade One students have been involved in a 6-week study of the 5 major habitats. Students spent one week reading and writing about the different habitats. For the desert, students researched, created, and wrote about the climate, location, animals, plants, and the adaptations of plants and animals. Students also researched homes (materials, architecture, and design) that people live in and then made models.
 New video about our learning: Students work with their teachers to learn responsibility, caring, and teaching one another. 

Students Teaching One Another

Older students teaching a new game!

Math Rocks our J | M Students! [Go Here]
WE grow learners! [Go Here-scroll down]           

 Mr. Cohen and Ms. DeBarros classes are developing ideas for their poetry assignment - Teamwork and Collaboration at the Jackson | Mann

 To Our Community...
     Our J | M Students at the Science Fair
     ⇒ Sharing Student and Staff Learning | WE
       Jackson | Mann Students at the City Science Fair 
Congratulations to award winners
Ethan Long 
& Alex Chou!

Science matters at the J | M!
              Teamwork|Sharing Literacy | Mrs. Yu-K0/K1 & Mr. Day-Gr.5

 Science Fair... January 28, 2016 | Celebrating our Middle School students participation in the Science Fair '16!

Jackson | Mann Science Fair 2016

Dear Jackson | Mann Community,

On Thursday, January 28, the Jackson Mann Middle School held its annual science fair in the auditorium. This culminating celebration was an opportunity for the students to share their scientific independent research. The results of each student's hard work and investigation was presented to a team of judges.

This year the judges represented local universities including Boston University and Harvard, as well as community business organizations such as Waste Management and Boston’s Children’s Hospital, and educators from the area.


Students were judged based on the BPS Science Fair Rubric. Students who demonstrated thoroughness in their scientific investigation received awards and recognition. The Jackson | Mann will send 5 teams in Grades 6-8 that will advance to compete in Boston City Science Fair in March.                    ⇒ List of student award winners by grade level ]

Maryfrancis McAuliffe (on behalf of the J-M's Science Leaders Team - Maryfrancis, Sue, and Raquel)

 Artists in the Jackson | Mann  
Tiffany Zhang, a Harvard freshmen, plays an instrument not known by many Americans. It's a Chinese zither called the Gu-zheng. She talked about her years of practice and how it helped prepare her for the hard work of college. We invite a variety of artists to our school so that we can introduce our students to the world of the arts!

Talented artists visit and teach our students.

 A video from Assistant Principal Ms. Anita Moore | Let's Celebrate Our Middle School
The Celtics visited recently to honor our middle schoolers' Perfect Attendance! There were at least 110 students from the middle school achieving 94% or better attendance in between September and December 2015. Congratulations to our students and our staff for making this possible!

Celtics Celebrate Our Learning and Attendance

 Ms. Currie and her students visited the Boston Nature Center. Do you know about owl pellets?
Take a look! (our school values and takes field trips to learn from Boston's outstanding resources).

 Jackson | Mann - WGBH have a partnership. (learning from and partnering with our Boston community this school year!)
This year we have worked with Helen Russell and the Apprentice Learning Project to develop partnerships with local businesses, including WGBH. Starting in late October, each week about 18 Grade 8 students take part in an internship experience at WGBH. As you can see by the photos below, we have some budding technicians, engineers, and directors. Congratulations to all involved! Take a look at our first group learning at WGBH. 


▶ First day of school!-September 8, 2015

 We've started our new program with West End House. 
Classroom Buddies

 Welcome! Our K students begin - September 10, 2015