Presenting some special moments - from staff and students - that inspire us.  
Our students are growing...steadily and with our teaching and patience they blossom.
We invite you to watch, listen, learn, and celebrate the impact our teachers have. Inspiring!

Math Rocks 
To our caring and supportive Jackson | Mann Community,

The Jackson | Mann School is moving forward and excelling in many ways.
Congratulations to Kelly, Jen, our students, to our staff, and to our families / community for building the 
WE - where WE all support and grow with one another. WE all matter at the Jackson | Mann School. Only together can WE build a strong learning school.

Thank you from the entire staff on the Math Rocks recognition. We're building our progress together.
Andy Tuite

Read the news of our continuing learning progress below...
Math Rocks is an annual BPS district-wide math competition for students in Grades 4-8, held at the BTU. Schools bring two students from each grade level to participate. Students compete in 3 rounds - 2 individual rounds and one team round. Trophies are awarded to the top 3 scoring individuals in each grade as well as the top 3 teams in both grade bands.

This year, Jen and Kelly brought a team of excited and talented students to represent the Jackson | Mann. Mayor Walsh and Superintendent Chang were there to speak to the students and to watch them compete. The questions were challenging! So, we thought they earned an ice cream from Sullivan's on the way home today, despite the cold temps outside! Look at our photos of our progress.

Alex Chou and Sophia Ahearn from Grade 6; Ariana Veilleux and Marta Bonilla from Grade 7; Steven Ly and Elijah Dean from Grade 8. We won third place overall! Alex Chou won 2nd place in the 6th grade. 
Grade 4 students were Timothy Wang and Karina Vazquez-Mason and Grade 5 Cora Maddox and Joey Doherty - Joey won 3rd place for Grade 5 individual student.

 Mrs. Gallivan's K2 Class | Emerging Readers and Writers 
Learners in Mrs. Gallivan's K2 Class studied owls and wrote informational Owl Books about them.
We'd like to share a few videos that tell of our young students literacy progress. Watch and smile as
you see our youngest children growing at the Jackson Mann School.

Young K learner reading her owl story!

Young K learner sharing her writing about owls.