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The Jackson | Mann's School Nurse
   Ms. Samantha Rolfe, R.N. and Ms. Courtney Kenny, R.N.

We look forward to serving you and your children. Please contact us or the school office should you have any health questions or concerns. Together, we make a difference at our school!

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Happy Spring! Thankfully the warm weather is upon us, but with that warm weather comes allergy season. The pollen count is predicted to be higher than average this spring and we have already seen evidence of that already. This is just a reminder that seasonal allergies is a chronic issue and requires daily measures at home to manage symptoms. Here are some ways to manage season allergies:

-take daily prescribed or over the counter allergy medications such as Claritan, Allegra, Flonase nasal spray, nasal decongestants, etc.

-shower daily. Wash face and hands frequently through out the day, pollen can build up on your skin and clothes without us even realizing it.

.Please encourage your child  to drink water, carry extra tissues, wash hands/face in bathroom. There is no medicine/treatment the nurse can provide for seasonal allergies in school. We try to avoid sending students home and having them miss school for a chronic issue that needs to be managed at home. 

We're happy to answer any questions.

Thank you,
Samantha Rolfe, RN and Courtney Kenney, RN

 Help us serve your children and you...
Medical records, forms, updated student information

 Parents / guardians are encouraged to send in any updated medical info as soon as they receive it.

 Physical exams and updated immunizations need to be submitted promptly. Physical exams should be done yearly.

 We'll be updating this page with health notes every so often. Suggestions welcomed!

Boston Public School's Health Services

 Parents and guardians are encouraged to use this website for additional information about children's health.

 The BPS Health website is:
 This BPS health site is regularly updated and parents will be able to access most info they may need.

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