Thank you for partnering with us.
 The Jackson | Mann Staff thanks the entire school community for supporting us this year and helping us build a strong school for all children. 
  Sharing Students' Talents | Ms. Albano's Grade One students at West End House  part of our Extended Day Program.

The Jackson
| Mann School around Boston...

While we are located in Boston's Allston neighborhood, our students come to us from all over the city. This is a wonderful picture of sixth grade student Peter Niziolek batting in the Savin Hill, Dorchester, baseball league last week. 
Thanks to our staff photographer, Ms. Lewis.
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This website connects our families, our many partners, and our supporters - yes, our whole community! Thank you for working with us.
We get better because you care and help us. We grow together.
 Andy Tuite, Principal
▶ Reminders to our community: 
   Testing schedule for this week will be:
    Wednesday, June 1 - Grade 8 - English / Language Arts

 Important dates for upcoming BPS-related City Council hearings about school budget funding:

Monday, June 6, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Budget-BPS Carryover
   Planning ahead...June 2016   
 ❏ Councils meet:
     Tuesday, June 7th at 7:30‐8:15 a.m. (SSC) | 8:15‐9 a.m. (PC)

 ❏ School hours for next year-2016-2017-will be 7:15 a.m.-1:55 p.m.

  Summer Programs - 2016 
As we begin to get information regarding summer program offerings, we shall be adding that to our site. Please read the early information (here). Any questions you have, please contact Kate or Kristina in our City Connects' office:
  ▶ Callext 223 or
  ▶ EmailJackson | Mann Student Summer Programs Info

 ▶ Exciting information for rising ninth (9th) grade students:
Summer Writing Program through the American Repertory Theater -more information [here]

YMCA – Get Summer Program: 

All teens ages 13-19 (if still in high school/just graduated) are eligible to receive a FREE YMCA membership from June 24th – September 5th. This membership is honored at all Greater Boston YMCA’s and most out of Boston Y’s should honor it as well*. With the membership you get access to the Y facility including: pool, gym, fitness areas, free group fitness classes, and all scheduled teen programs (workshops, volunteer opps, dinners, teen nights, field trips etc). Fill out your Get Summer 2016 application and return it to the Oak Square YMCA to receive your membership card and enjoy a summer of healthy fun.  Application here and below

Please call any non-greater Boston YMCA in advance to see if they will accept a Greater Boston YMCA Membership. Greater Boston YMCA’s include: Brighton (Oak Square) Burbank, Charles River, Charlestown, Chinatown (Wang),  Dorchester, East Boston, Egleston, Huntington, Hyde Park (Menino), Roxbury, Waltham, West Roxbury (Parkway), Woburn (North Suburban) 

 Learning Never Ends   at the Jackson | Mann 

Our entire staff invite you to scroll down this page to read about and to watch the learning of our talented students.
We are growing learners every day!
 ▶ Please see the information below regarding Tech Savvy, 
 a summer program for girls entering Grades 7 or 8 in September 2016


Tech Savvy is a one-week program for middle school girls focused on Computing, Engineering, and Technology. The program allows students to visit a different college campus each day for hands on activities. During this action-packed week, students may have the opportunity to participate in activities such as:3D printing and Soft Robotics

  • Designing buildings that can withstand earthquakes
  • Developing an animation for telling a story or an interactive game
  • Creating a phone app
  • Engineering challenges and bridge building

(Please note, the above are examples of some past activities, but may vary from year to year.)

Dates:        July 25-29, 2016

Eligibility: Girls entering grade 7 or 8 in September 2016
 (current 6th and 7th grade students)

Tuition:     $250 which includes lunch, all program activities, and transportation between venues for five days.
Students on MA health are eligible to attend at a tuition of $50.

Deadline to Apply: Wednesday, June 1st

Apply online at:

Super Lunch Hero Day  at the Jackson | Mann School 

Thank you to our Food Service Team of Paula and her assistants, Lida and Mo Lan, for making every day a super lunch (and breakfast) day at the Jackson | Mann! We build our school together. Everyone matters and contributes. This teamwork makes the J | M an amazing school!
Would You Believe...Rockets in Grade Five at the Jackson | Mann?
Jen Joyce's students "take flight" with their research projects!
These rockets were a culminating activity after our volume unit with a main focus on working on a proposed idea, researching, and then tweaking proposals. Once our rockets were ready, we then measured the hang time of each team's rockets. Students also developed wing types and used measurements of liquids, when creating their lift-off blast. Watch!

Grade 5 - Rocket Launch 1

Grade 5 - Rocket Launch 2

▶  The Jackson | Mann receives national recognition for its Extended Day Program and school improvement!  [Go here and scroll down to read the news]

 Our school's Instructional Focus
This year we have focused much of our professional development and team planning around improving writing instruction and student writing products. As you can see by our instructional focus (at left), student writing involves a wide range of tasks from lengthy research work to shorter, daily tasks like responses in student notebooks. We welcome your feedback on the instructional focus and please ask your child(ren) to share their written work with you.
Andy Tuite, Principal
 Teamwork Sharing Literacy | Mrs. Yu-K0/K1 & Mr. Day-Gr.5
 We Help One Another at Our School

 This photo shows one way we care and grow together! 

Our students, guided by their teachers, help one another to learn. Older students are role model readers and helpers. We teach about taking responsibility for one another. 
  Everyone belongs and helps at the J | M

     You and your children make a difference at the J | M! 
 ❏ Watch our brief slide show about the opening of school. (click here)
 City Councilor Tito Jackson visited school recently as part of the Big Cheese Reads program. Councilor Jackson engaged our eighth grade students in a spirited discussion about the city budget and the rights and responsibilities needed to ensure success for all citizens of Boston.
   Our Parent Council works with our school community
Please keep your eyes on this Community Website for the work,
opportunities, and events of our Parent Council. 
Thank you.
    • Chanel Bryant-Alexander, Co-Chair | Andy Tuite, Principal, Co-Chair
    • Elba Mireya Vasquez-Tenjo, Co-ChairIlyitch N. Tabora, Secretary
    • Keith Maddox, Treasurer
        ⨠ Please send an email with your suggestions and ideas to: 
  Co-Chair Chanel Bryant-Alexander ⇒
 ⨠ Learn more about your Council's on-going support of our school (here)

 Students and Staff honor all learners at a TIGER assembly
         TIGER values 2  
Our school embraces all learners. We all live by our TIGER values. Join us and learn more about our program to create a school community where everyone belongs and is respected. (Learn more about TIGER-here)

Andy Tuite,
Mar 11, 2016, 4:31 AM
Andy Tuite,
May 30, 2016, 10:47 AM