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Thank you for working with us. We get better because you care and help. We grow together. Andy Tuite, Principal
 Teacher Appreciation Week  ...A note of appreciation from Principal Andy Tuite
This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and a time to remember the great work done by the Jackson | Mann teachers. As is the case at all schools, all of the adults in the building who instruct and inspire and prepare the children of the Jackson Mann to grow and succeed are teachers - teachers, paraprofessionals, custodians, administrators, nurses, secretaries, and all other caring adults. We are fortunate to have a strong community of teachers and learners that grows daily. Please take a minute, this week especially, to send good thoughts to our teachers. And of course, take a minute to pat yourselves on the back, as parents and families are the first and most important teachers in every child's life. In t
he words of Soren Kierkegaard, "What the teacher is, is more important than what he or she teaches."                                           The Jackson | Mann Staff - August 2015

    PARCC Testing continues the week of May 2, 2016. 
       Testing schedule for this week will be: 
  •  Grade 6 on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 
  •  Grade 7 on Tuesday and Friday 
  •  Grade 5 on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 
  •  Ms. Knuttunen's class on Tuesday and Friday 
   Planning ahead...May 2016   
 ❏ The BPS May Breakfast - & - Lunch Menus are available.
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 ❏ Reminder: PARCC testing is done during May for various grades.
       Check the community calendar for more details and dates.
       Questions about PARCC - Contact Mr. Tuite by email.

 ❏ School hours for next year-2016-2017-will be 7:15 a.m.-1:55 p.m.
  Summer Programs - 2016 
As we begin to get information regarding summer program offerings, we shall be adding that to our site. Please see some early information (here). Any questions you have, please contact Kate or Kristina in our City Connects' office:
  ▶ Call617-635-8532 ext 223 or
  ▶ EmailJackson | Mann Student Summer Programs Info

 Learning Never Ends  at the Jackson | Mann 
The staff invites you to scroll down this page to read about
and to watch 
the learning of our talented students and staff.
We are growing learners every day
 New video about our learning: Students work with their teachers to learn responsibility, caring, and teaching one another. 

Students Teaching One Another

Older students teaching a new game!

 Grade One | Ms. Albano 
Grade One students have been involved in a 6-week study of the 5 major habitats. Students spent one week reading and writing about the different habitats. For the desert, students researched, created, and wrote about the climate, location, animals, plants, and the adaptations of plants and animals. Students also researched homes (materials, architecture, and design) that people live in and then made models.

Would You Believe...Rockets in Grade Five at the Jackson | Mann?
Jen Joyce's students "take flight" with their research projects!
These rockets were a culminating activity after our volume unit with a main focus on working on a proposed idea, researching, and then tweaking proposals. Once our rockets were ready, we then measured the hang time of each team's rockets. Students also developed wing types and used measurements of liquids, when creating their lift-off blast. Watch

Grade 5 - Rocket Launch 1

Grade 5 - Rocket Launch 2

▶  The Jackson | Mann receives national recognition for its Extended Day Program and school improvement!  [Go here and scroll down to read the news]
 Our school's Instructional Focus  
This year we have focused much of our professional development and team planning around improving writing instruction and student writing products. As you can see by our instructional focus (at left), student writing involves a wide range of tasks from lengthy research work to shorter, daily tasks like responses in student notebooks. We welcome your feedback on the instructional focus and please ask your child(ren) to share their written work with you.
Andy Tuite, Principal
 Teamwork Sharing Literacy | Mrs. Yu-K0/K1 & Mr. Day-Gr.5
 We Teach One Another at Our School

 This photo shows one way we care and grow together! 

Our students, guided by their teachers, help one another to learn. Older students are role model readers and helpers. We teach about taking responsibility for one another. 
  Everyone belongs and helps at the J | M

     You and your children make a difference at the J | M! 
 ❏ Watch our brief slide show about the opening of school. (click here)
 City Councilor Tito Jackson visited school recently as part of the Big Cheese Reads program. Councilor Jackson engaged our eighth grade students in a spirited discussion about the city budget and the rights and responsibilities needed to ensure success for all citizens of Boston.
   Our Parent Council works with our school community
Please keep your eyes on this Community Website for the work,
opportunities, and events of our Parent Council. 
Thank you.
    • Chanel Bryant-Alexander, Co-Chair | Andy Tuite, Principal, Co-Chair
    • Elba Mireya Vasquez-Tenjo, Co-ChairIlyitch N. Tabora, Secretary
    • Keith Maddox, Treasurer
        ⨠ Please send an email with your suggestions and ideas to: 
       Co-Chair Chanel Bryant-Alexander ⇒ JMSParentCouncil@gmail.com
 ⨠ Learn more about your Council's on-going support of our school (here)

 Students and Staff honor all learners at a TIGER assembly
         TIGER values 2  
Our school embraces all learners. We all live by our TIGER values. Join us and learn more about our program to create a school community where everyone belongs and is respected. (Learn more about TIGER-here)

Andy Tuite,
Mar 11, 2016, 4:31 AM