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This website connects our families, our many partners, and our supporters - yes, our whole community! Thank you for working with us. We get better because you care and help. Let's keep growing together in 2017. Andy Tuite, Principal

 Summer reading lists are here!     Grades K-2    Grades 3-5    Grades 6-8    Grades 9-12 and response forms
 ▶   Reminders and Updates for our community:
▶ The Jackson | Mann was recently featured in the Boston Partners in Education blog. Please see this important story here.
 The Jackson | Mann School received national recognition for its Extended Day Program and on-going school improvement! [Go here, scroll down, read the news

 ▶   Planning ahead...September 2017 
 School begins on September 7, Thursday, for all students in Grades 1-12.
  September 11, Monday, all Kindergarten students report to school.

 ▶  New: Inform Families Fill Out Information Request Form
Families please remember to complete the new "Annual Emergency Contact & RSVP Form." The form is available at You may also visit a BPS Welcome Center or call our hotline: 617.635.9520.
  School Spirit Days at the Jackson | Mann  Photos from Anita Moore 
  Crazy Hats and Socks Day 
  Twins Day 

 Watch!    WE build our school together.  Everyone belongs at the Jackson | Mann. We welcome and value our students, our families, and our community. We learn and build together every day. WatchCelebrate our students!

We did it. Talented students and teachers!

Everyone belongs at the Jackson | Mann

        Learning Never Ends   at the Jackson | Mann 
  Boston College's art museum has recently relocated to 2101 Comm Ave., which is on the school's Brighton campus, basically across the field and through the trees from the Edison school playground. They have programs for elementary age children the second Saturday of every month. Admission is free. Some programs require preregistration. More information on the museum is here:
⨠ Lots of wonderful and worthwhile events at the Harvard Ed Portal.
Please check out this
 link for all sorts of events and happenings! 
The Harvard Ed Portal offers many events for children and families throughout the year. Find events here.

 Our school's Instructional Focus  
On Wednesday October 19th, the Instructional Leadership Team revised our Instructional Focus, the new wording is:

Teachers will engage students in writing tasks of varying Depth Of Knowledge levels across all content areas.

While the wording has changed some, we will continue to focus on writing and much of our professional development and team planning around improving writing instruction and student writing products. As you can see by last year's instructional focus (at left), student writing involves a wide range of tasks from lengthy research work to shorter, daily tasks like responses in student notebooks. We welcome your feedback on the instructional focus and please ask your child(ren) to share their written work with you. Andy Tuite, Principal

 The Grade Six Team enjoyed a fabulous 
field trip at Blue Hills recently!

Middle School Cross Country Meet
Here is a photo of the Jackson Mann team! 
track team - October 2016

     You and your children make a difference at the J | M! 
 ❏ Watch our brief slide show about the opening of school. (click here)
 City Councilor Tito Jackson visited school recently as part of the Big Cheese Reads program. Councilor Jackson engaged our eighth grade students in a spirited discussion about the city budget and the rights and responsibilities needed to ensure success for all citizens of Boston.
   Our Parent Council works with our school community
Please keep your eyes on this Community Website for the work,
opportunities, and events of our Parent Council. 
Thank you.        

 ⨠ Learn more about your Council's on-going support of our school (here)

 Students and Staff honor all learners at a TIGER assembly
  TIGER values 2
Our school embraces all learners. We all live by our TIGER values. Join us. Learn more about our program to create a school community
where everyone belongs and is respected. (Learn more about our TIGER program-here)

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