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 This website for our community is designed to connect our families, our many partners, and our supporters. 
Thank you for working with us. Each day we get better because you care and help. We grow together!
Andy Tuite, Principal

In the local November community news! 

 Did you know about our special Field Day
 Read more about our amazing school and its student focused programs.

See our middle school students in action!

 Jackson | Mann - WGBH partnership. (learning from and partnering with our community!)

This year we have worked with Helen Russell and the Apprentice Learning Project to develop partnerships with local businesses, including WGBH. Each week about 18 Grade 8 students take part in an internship experience at WGBH. As you can see by the photos below, we have some budding technicians, engineers, and directors. Congratulations to all involved! Take a look at our first group learning at WGBH. 


 November 3, 2015-Council Members visit West End House 
Members learn about the programs which are helping strengthen children's learning this year, as part of our new Jackson | Mann extended day.
A Reminder from Mr. Tuite, Principal...
Our new daily schedule - with our Extended Day Program - allows increased time for academic classes as well. Teachers, too, have more time to collaborate and plan together. Thanks for your support. Any questions or ideas, please let me know right away.
Andy Tuite, Principal.

Please keep your eyes on our Community Website for the work, opportunities, and events of our Parent Council. Thank you.
    • Chanel Bryant-Alexander, Co-Chair
    • Andy Tuite, Principal, Co-Chair
    • Elba Mireya Vasquez-Tenjo, Co-Chair
    • Ilyitch N. Tabora, Secretary
    • Keith Maddox, Treasurer
 Please send an email with your suggestions and ideas to our
    Co-Chair Chanel Bryant-Alexander

 Planning ahead...December   
 ❏ Parent Council Meeting-December 1 - 6:00 p.m.-Learn more (here)
 ❏ Winter Recess begins Thursday, December 24.

 Note from Katonya Gaines | Family Engagement Coordinator - J | M

  • Got old books? Well, the Jackson Mann wants them! We are collecting gently used all age books you no longer want, for our used book sale. The book sale will run from November 30th to December 4th and items will range from $.25 to $5.00. All proceeds will fund school supplies and field trips. Every student who brings in a book will receive a Tiger Paw to use at the Tiger Store and to enter in our monthly grade level raffle.

 ❏ We celebrate our TIGER students! See more photos (here)

 Your children make a difference at the Jackson | Mann! 

❏ Before and After School Programs
Jackson | Mann offers a free before school program on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays-7:30-9:00 a.m.
Students will be supervised by J | M staff and have opportunities
for homework help and recreational activities including

 1] BOKS as part of our before school program.  
 2] SCORES soccer
    For more information about programs, please contact:
      •  Assist. Principal: Mr. Fernandes: 617-635-8532 or email Ron 
          or call City Connects' office 617-635-8532 ext:223

J | M and Community Collaboration
Safe Choices | Grades 7 & 8
Thursday, November 5, 2015
Suffolk County sheriff's staff presented to Grades 7 and 8
about making safe choices and learning about internet
 Students from Ms.Yu's class at our final TIGER assembly of the 2015 year 
TIGER values 2
Our school embraces all learners and we all live by our TIGER values. Join with us and learn more about our program to create an amazing school community where everyone belongs and is respected. 
(Learn more about TIGER-here)