Our school reaches out to you and your children. Thank you for helping us grow as a school. We need you. Happy Thanksgiving. 
 ▶  Reminders and Updates for our community 
 School and Parent Councils: 
Next Council meetings for December Tuesday, 12/5:
School Council 6-6:45 p.m. and Parent Council 6:45-7:30 p.m.
Support our Councils - we need you!

 Build BPS Guide 
Please see the
Discover BPS Choice and Registration Guide 2018 for families attached below and linked here

MCAS details | recent assessments Information regarding the most recent MCAS tests is now available for families. The guide for families is here. Further information is available at the Department of Education website linked here.
 ▶   Planning ahead...November 2017 
▶  New Support:  Boston Cares | Supporting New Families arriving in Boston (here)
 Menus for November 2017 |  Breakfast   |  Lunch
       Please remember, breakfast and lunch are free for all students.
 Wednesday, November 22, Early release - 11:55 a.m. (Thanksgiving break begins)

 West End House
Two years ago we began our partnership with West End House to support fresh opportunities for our students and staff. Here are a few photos. Take a look at our beginning efforts, as the School Council visits two years ago!

 Questions | Support - ask us!
If you have any questions regarding information in the BPS Family Guide or anything else, please contact me at: 617-635-8532 or email: atuite@bostonpublicschools.orgWe are here to support you. Together we build our school! Thank you, Andy Tuite, Principal
WE build our school together.  Everyone belongs at the Jackson | Mann. We welcome and value our students, our families, and our community. 
We learn and build together every day. WatchCelebrate our students, our staff, our families, and our whole community!

Celebrate our K2 progress and learning!

△ K2 goes swimming - Hooray! Watch our video. 
Vice Principal Anita Moore provided some photos of K2 swimmers as learners! 
Last week we had our first swim lessons at the West End House courtesy of a West End-Children's Hospital-Boston Public Schools grant. Amazing teamwork. Great job and thanks, K2!

K1-K2 students and staff sharing their learning!

Saluting teaching with our youngest children. Watch 
K1-K2 staff share a few moments of their teaching with our school's youngest children. Watch our busy engaged students and staff. Thanks to Marissa for the photos, too. Learning is happening across our school!

 A School of Writers - Featuring Fourth Grade ...
 Writing Matters...we write and think and write some more. We are a school growing young writers every day.

   Learning Never Ends  at the Jackson | Mann 
   You and your children make a difference at the J | M! 
 ❏ Watch our slide show about the opening of school-2016.(click here)

  Our Parent Council works with our school community
Please keep your eyes on this J-M Community website for the work, opportunities, and events of our Parent Council. Thank you.        
 ⨠ Learn more about your Council's on-going support of our school (here)

 Students and Staff honor all learners and the values we live by:
  TIGER values 2
Our school embraces all learners. We all live by our TIGER values. Join us. Learn more about our program
to create a school community where everyone belongs and is respected. (Learn more about our TIGER program-here)

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