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  Please remember, breakfast and lunch are free for all students
 Ms. Yu reports on staff and students sharing talents 
Our buddy time with Ms. Anderson’s class have  been great role models with reading and playing board games on the past couple of months. We took the opportunity with the slightly warmer weather to have to work on social developments!

 Yoga activities in JMS Physical Education 
Mr. McGee, Physical Education teacher, shared some photos of students learning yoga. Lots going on in physical education. 
Here are the classes of Ms. Dixon and Ms. Debarros. Check in with Mr. McGee - learn more!

   Learning Never Ends  at the Jackson | Mann 

 Build BPS Guide 
Please see the Discover BPS Choice and Registration Guide 2018 for families attached below and linked here 
 Updated BPS: We Dream Together 
  Our Parent Council works with our school community
Please keep your eyes on this J-M Community website for the work, opportunities, and events of our Parent Council. Thank you.        
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 Students and Staff honor all learners and the values we live by:
  TIGER values 2
Our school embraces all learners. We all live by our TIGER values. Join us. Learn more about our program
to create a school community where everyone belongs and is respected. (Learn more about our TIGER program-here)

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