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Thank you for working with us. Each day we get better because you care and help. We grow together!
Andy Tuite, Principal
A Message from Mr. Tuite, Principal...
❏ Welcome to a new school year - we improve and grow!

As we get ready for the start of the 2015-2016 school year, just a reminder that our new school hours are 9:30 a.m. to 4:10 p.m. The Jackson | Mann
is excited to join the national movement of Extended Learning Time this year. By studying schools throughout the US that had significantly higher achievement than schools in the same district, the National Center for Time and Learning determined that expanding the school day is critical in providing a high-quality, rigorous education. An extended day means more time for individualized attention, more time to offer challenging enrichment programs, and more time to expose children to worlds outside of their community. Look for more details soon as we begin this program toward growing and improving the opportunities for all our students and our teachers. Thank you. Andy Tuite, Principal.
New Schedules and Activities:
Our new school day will be from
9:30 a.m. to 4:10 p.m, which is 40 minutes longer than the traditional school day in Boston. A team from Jackson | Mann has spent the last several months looking at student data, assessing the needs of our school community, and engaging stakeholders to design a schedule that will enhance the lives of children and teachers. Our overarching focus will be to offer more and varied opportunities for our children. In addition to school based offerings, we are partnering with the West End Boys and Girls Club to offer additional activities. All students in Grades 1-8 will visit the West End House accompanied by Jackson | Mann staff 1-2 times each week. Additionally, compared to last year, students will have more time for academic classes as well and teachers will have more time to collaborate and plan together.

Participating in Extended Learning Time is just one way in which Jackson | Mann is working to prepare the children of Boston for success in careers, college, and beyond. We look forward to taking this step together in the coming year!

Math Team winnersCelebrating our learning...
On Monday, June 8th, just before the end of the 2015 school year, the Jackson | Mann K-8 School took part in the Math Rocks competition at the Boston Teachers Union. The competition included teams from 35 Boston Public Schools. Our teams captured first place in the team competitions for both elementary and middle levels! Our students also placed first individually at Grade 5 - Alex Chou, Grade 6 - tie between Isabella Massarelli and Daniel Kwong, and a second place finish in Grade 8 for Arslan Ayaz. Fabulous work by the J-M's teams! Thanks to Ms. Lewis and Ms. Joyce for coordinating this event at the school level.

 Students from Ms.Yu's class at our final TIGER assembly of the 2015 year 
TIGER values 2
Our school embraces all learners and we all live by our TIGER values. Join with us and learn more about our program to create an amazing school community where everyone belongs and is respected. (Learn more about TIGER - click here)

 Fundraising thank you
On behalf of the Jackson | Mann School's Parent Council, we want to thank all the families that took part in the fundraising opportunity! Please keep your eyes on this site for future opportunities and events. Thank you.
Chanel Bryant-Alexander, President
Ilyitch Nahiely Tábora, Secretary
Keith Maddox, Treasurer
  Please send us an email with your ideas (click email link)
 Planning ahead... 
Before and After School Programs (more details soon)
Jackson | Mann offers a free before school program on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 7:30-9:00 a.m. Students will be supervised by J | M staff and have opportunities for homework help and recreational activities including...
 1] BOKS as part of our before school program.  
 2] SCORES soccer
    For more information about programs, please contact:
 •  Assistant Principal: Mr. Ron Fernandes: 617-635-8532 or      email Ron or City Connects' office 617-635-8532 ext:223

Other programs:
   Jackson | Mann Community Center programs details:
      Contact Director Rosie Hanlon, 
617 635 5153

  Open House - dates:   (more details soon)
 September 10th - 5-7 p.m. & November 19th-5-7 p.m.
 Important recognition of our school's progress...
On Thursday evening, April 30, 2015, the Jackson | Mann School was recognized across Boston for the school's commitment to and actions in partnering with many agencies that support students. This is a major award and recognizes how our school continues to improve.
More photos about our school's recognition! (click here)
   Celebrating our learning even more... 
  • Congratulations to our Jackson | Mann math scholars for their performance in the Sumdog Boston competition. Jackson | Mann was the overall school winner and took 1st (5th AWC), 2nd (4th AWC), and 3rd (6B) places in the team competition and first (Daniel K) and third (Esther S) places in the individual competition, and won the daily competitions on Tuesday (6 AWC), Monday (5 AWC) and Friday (4 AWC). Awesome work by our students and fabulous coordination by Ms. Lewis and Ms. Joyce!